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The Insights Discovery Process



Before the workshop: Self Awareness 

  • Schedule an introductory call to kick off your journey with Insights Discovery
  • We’ll talk about the challenges facing your team, what you want to achieve and how we’re going to get there.
  • Complete the Insights Discovery personality questionnaire online
  • This questionnaire is the foundation for creating your personalised Insights Discovery profile.

The Insights Discovery Workshop: Team Awareness    

  • Explore Insights Discovery
  • Participate in engaging conversations and insightful debates - vital for high-performing teams. 
  • Delve deeper into Insights Discovery, including the Insights Personality Test and Colours, in expertly moderated discussions.
  • Build a common language
  • Use your newfound appreciation for each other’s communication preferences and create a common language during your Insights Discovery workshop. 

After the Workshop: Embed the learning  

  • Enjoy experiential learning following the workshop with various ready-to-use activities to refine your communication.
  • Practice with intent. Implement and record the smallest changes that will impact you most.

What impact has Insights Discovery had for you?

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Dave Tang Discovery

Juicing The Lemon has established itself as The Team Building Company's preferred supplier for Insights Discovery training and is renowned for its expertise in delivering impactful and transformative learning experiences. 

If these concepts resonate with your organisation’s vision, please get in touch, and we can chat about your team challenges. We're keen to delve into strategies to empower your team, fostering unity and increased productivity through our training methodologies.

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