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Who Killed Santa?

The Story...

The time has arrived for the annual meeting of the Worldwide Santa Claus Convention. The meeting is being chaired by the head Father Christmas, a man who rules the organisation with a rod of iron.

Saint Nicholas is based in Texas & he is successor designate to the Head Santa. He has been in talks with 'Cheap Rickety Auto Produced Toys' for them to become the preferred supplier of toys to the Santa Organisation, but the Head Santa is rather old fashioned & is worried.

Ded Moroz is also present. She is Father Frost & is based in Moscow. Ded Moroz has gone badly over budget with her present purchasing & is being threatened with removal from her office should things not improve.

Santa Clause , Australia division, hates being a santa but upon joining signed a contract stating that there was no way out of the organisation without the express permission of the Head Santa, & he will not grant it.

Finally you will meet Father Christmas, England Region. He is a secret member of the RLA, the Reindeer Liberation Army & believes that the Head Santa has enslaved the reindeer population. He wants to free all the reindeer & as such is on a collision course with the Head Santa.

The Adventure...

This themed adventure will take teams on a mystery tour guided by cryptic clues, riddles, conundrums and some magic dust! Along route teams will meet secret elves who will help you solve this dastardly crime.

Along route teams will endure festive challenges to earn further clues and information as to Santa's death. Challenges include Polaroid camera photo missions, Christmas cake decorating (generation game style), and mystery scavenger hunts.

If your team are lucky enough to find the bonus stockings you will find some wonderful treats to help you along your way.

The adventure concludes as teams decipher the evidence to expose the killer. The question Santa really dead?! Find out more about our Murder Mystery Events!

davinci festive

Welcome to our festive themed Da Vinci's designs. The perfect way to enchant the magic of Christmas into your groups team building experience. This is a truly artistic challenge which draws upon fun competition to create your very own work of Festive art.

Your group are divided into equal teams. The teams are working in unison opposed to competition.

One half of the group are given a large blank canvas divided up into various sections. They are armed with all manner of creative art material including paint, gloves and aprons.

The second half are given a warm festive scene divided into the same number of sections.

Group 1 must communicate verbally with group 2 to describe what they see on their painting segments.

Group 2 must paint their vision of what's being described.

At the end of the challenge all segments of the original picture are slotted into a giant frame to make one large picture. All segments of the new painting from group 2 are placed in an identical frame alongside the original to compare the results.

This is an amazing challenge which promotes cohesion in both a fun environment and the workplace. The pure fact that the end product is a result of effective teamwork represents the power of the newly formed team. The fact that communication is required throughout the entire afternoon allows your guests to relax and 'gel'.

At the end of the day the canvas is removed from its stand and delivered to your offices. How lovely will it look in reception beside the tree!!!

a07 cuisine team

Festive Edition

The theme of this event is creative cooking linking into an experiential journey into the wonders of innovative cooking and course creation. Your experience is all based around the glorious tastes, flavours and wonders of Christmas cooking.

The team will take responsibility for designing, creating, presenting and serving a meal of your choice. This will be Xmas themed with professional guidance from our resident santa chef. Think about the latest twists to roast turkey, xmas pudding with a twist, the most amazing mince pies you have ever created....

The group will also have to serve the meal to a panel of professional judges!

The menu can be anything that you like. Teams will be able to add variations to each course, including a choice of sauces, dressings, side dishes, and culinary designs.

There will be food master class hosted by a professional chef. During this session the groups will decide on their menu, based on the education and guidance of our internal experts. Find out more about our Cuisine Team Event!

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