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Virtual, Reward, Motivate, Team Cohesion, Friendly Competition

Virtual Cocktail Making Team Building Event

If you like Pina Coladas then this is the perfect event for you, however you’ll be hard pressed to get caught out in the rain in this virtual take on our Cocktail Making Event!

There’s no queing at the bar, our mixologist leads you virtually via the power of ‘Zoom’ through a range of classic cocktails, or mocktails, to create yourself. The event is done by rounds with a new cocktail to create in each one, with just a hint of zesty competition added to really shake things up! 

You won’t simply be pouring drinks, as you are taken through the art of ‘flaring’. You’re taught to put on a show as you juggle, toss, shake and spin your drink to life all while dazzling the group with your new found skills. 

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Virtual Cocktail Making cheers

'Shaken, not stirred'

Our mixologist will grade teams each round on their ‘flaring skills’ and presentation, so be sure to get as creative as possible for your best ‘shot’ at winning! 

This event has several packages to choose from, with the option to source equipment and ingredients yourself or have us deliver a box of items needed to each member of your group. 

With a completely mobile set-up, we have run cocktail making events all across the UK for over 25 years and due to the current climate have more recently taken on the virtual world. Have a chat with us to discuss the best virtual package for you.

Our Event Managers encourage responsible shaking and stirring only. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!


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