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Virtual Escape Room Team Event
Crack the code, ecape the room and prove your innocence! 

Our Virtual Escape Room event creates a fun and competitive atmosphere where your group must use quick thinking, problem solving, time management and test their memory to crack the codes for their freedom!

Your group has been invited to the office of a high-end art dealer in London, only after time goes by and no one comes to greet you do you discover that you have been locked in the room. Framed for an elaborate art heist, your group must escape and prove their innocence before time runs out! 

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locked door

Can you escape the room?!

Using the latest in virtual game software, you’ll be able to search the room around you for clues on how to escape. Challenges that will require communication and sharp minds will present themselves as you work your way through and every problem solved could hold a vital piece of information.

As you solve riddles and complete the creative problems presented to you, our game will also utilise image recognition and augmented reality software to scan objects in aid of completing certain tasks. 

Can you beat the clock and evade being set-up for the heinous art crime?! 

This online escape room event allows you to interact and enjoy time with your team in the virtual environment, with an easy set up. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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