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Virtual Masterpiece Art Event!

Our virtual masterclass event encourages creativity and collaboration as your team re-creates famous works of art piece by piece. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an aspiring artist to take part, this event is immense fun for all! 

To start off the event you will meet our leading artist via the power of the internet, we can host using ‘Zoom’ or any other popular virtual meeting platform. Our virtual event manager splits a famous piece of art, or company logo, into sections which are then allocated to each member of the team. 

Next is a race against the clock to duplicate your allocated section of the picture, however that’s just the beginning, as you will also have to scrabble to find materials around you to help create your section. Magazine cuttings, coffee stain, makeup, pasta and even LEGO, the more creative the better! 

Team work and co-operation is a key theme in this virtual event as you’ll need to discuss colours, techniques and scale to make sure all individual sections of your virtual art match up to create the final piece, it’s all about ‘the bigger picture’! 

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Art Masterpiece event

Virtual art class

Inspiring art creations

While this event is online, it takes you away from the labour of staring at your screen all day and leaves you with a physical creation post event. 

Once time is up our virtual event manager will request each team member to send them across a photo of your section, these are then carefully edited together to produce the final reveal. See how well you’re work comes together, how far down the scale of Picasso’s self portraits will it compare? End results are guaranteed to make you smile, if not hilarious at times! 

For those who are after a more singular and catered too option, we can also provide a virtual art class with art supplies delivered to every participant. Follow our virtual events manager through an online masterclass to create some truly stunning works of art. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!


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