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Virtual, Reward, Motivate, Team Cohesion, Friendly Competition

Virtual Murder Mystery Team Building Event

A murder most devious and wrapped in mystery, with clues to examine, a line up of culprits to question and all from the comfort of your own desk. We’ve taken our popular ‘Murder Mystery Event’ and re-formatted it to the digital world, now your team can get involved through the power of ‘Zoom’! 

An hour prior to the show, your group will be sent clues to examine before our lead detective brings you onto the case. This event is a tongue-in-cheek evening of dastardly double entendre and insidious innuendo. Our professional actors will have you laughing and musing in equal measure, scratching your heads as you try to figure out whodunnit!

During the event your group is split into teams and separated into virtual break out rooms, our actors will visit each team for questioning throughout. But who can you trust? Nothing is quite as it seems –everyone has a motive but who has an alibi…?

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A Virtually Real Experience

This may be a virtual event but a very real experience and we encourage our budding detectives to dress up for the occasion to help bring the story to life. However, this isn’t mandatory and you can always leave the fancy dress to us…

With cunning costumes and realistic props, you’ll be immersed in this crime caper no matter what. To round off the show, each team shows off their sleuthing skills, suggesting who they think did it –murderer, motive and method.

We have a number of excellent scripts and storylines available with some suiting those after longer or shorter sessions, please just contact a member of our team to run through what option would best suit your group. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!


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