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Virtual Cheese and Wine Tasting event
Learn, enjoy and indulge yourself in this delightful event!

Cheese and wine tasting bars have become the latest foodie trend, so why not impress your colleagues or clients with our virtual Cheese and Wine Tasting event?!

Our host greets you through the power of ‘Zoom’ or whichever virtual meeting platform best suits your group. Once settled in, our host introduces you to our Cheese and Wine experts who then take you through a brief yet interesting history of Cheese, with an emphasis on British cheeses. 

With the background laid out, the first cheese for the tasting is introduced. During each tasting you will be given some more details on each particular cheese’s history and shown how to correctly taste them. 

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cheese and wine tasting

Virtual cheese and wine event

The Event Format

You won’t be simply ‘chowing down’ in this sophisticated soiree, our cheese expert will explain how your tongue is essentially a taste map and there’s a right way to use it. Diving deeper into your taste buds, you will also learn about the olfactory nerve which links memory to smell, a key factor in this event. 

After each cheese tasting our wine expert steps in to introduce the paired wine, which will include wines with numerous international accolades to challenge even the most discerning of palettes. With each pairing they will go into the region, grapes, vineyard and give you the full story of how the incredible flavours where captured in each bottle. 

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