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Why Team Building Now?

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Each year becomes more and more challenging for UK companies and the importance for companies to have a strong workforce to grow and prosper in an ever changing business environment is paramount.  

Heading off overseas for expensive conferences doesn’t necessarily fit with the current mood in business and companies undertaking non-essential business activities are increasingly finding themselves under the media spotlight.

However, much can be achieved with low key events; strengthening bonds within a team and linking activities to key business objectives without compromising on enjoyment.


What Does Teambuilding Achieve?

It motivates your employees - Far from being a non-essential jolly a well organised event can help companies to gain the competitive advantage by motivating their employees and focusing minds. The companies who will make the most out of this challenging time are those that think in terms of the opportunity. Winning companies recognise the need to keep morale, performance and productivity high.

It strengthens bonds within teams - Having fun while focusing on common goals within the business eliminates distractions and breaks down any personal barriers between people. Getting to know the people you work with is particularly important in understanding each person’s strengths and weaknesses in order for each individual to reach their full potential. Revealing what could be hidden skills within people

Communication and working better together – This is most companies No.1 reason for choosing a teambuilding activity. Effective communication is paramount within any organisation for identifying issues and resolving them, working together to face any challenges that present themselves

Integrating new teams – Teambuilding is particularly effective in integrating new teams or introducing different sections of the business to one another. It is all too easy to become caught up in your own singular ‘bubble’ and this gives people the opportunity to understand the business as a whole

To meet specific objectives – For new projects or new company goals it creates understanding and motivation within the team to inevitably reach the target


What Can We Do?

The Teambuilding Company has a wide variety of events designed to meet specific business objectives. We can tailor programmes to create a powerful event which will give your team the advantage within a responsible budget.

There has never been a more important time to maintain high morale. With 25 years' experience, thousands of corporate clients, excellent feedback and knowledge of linking both simple and complex business agendas to activities we are well placed to help you to manage the apparent paradox between enjoyable events and measurable business outcomes.

…and let’s remember teambuilding is not always necessarily arranged to meet an objective, it can just be a reward for your employees as a thank you for the hard work they have put in within the year, for reaching a target or let’s face it, to just have fun together outside of the office!!

Please call our events team on: 0800 975 0728 to discuss your needs and they will be happy to put together a package to suit you and your company.

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