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Spring 2007
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Welcome to the second electronic version of our newsletter - Making Progress.

If you cannot read this email newsletter for any reason and would like a copy delivered to you by other means - please contact us via our main web site.

We lead the way with Carbon Footprints
Now you can help the environment.
Carbon Neutral Animation

Progressive Resources has now gone Green.

Our pledge to become carbon neutral has now become operational. For every event that we provide we will plant a tree in a selected area of the UK.

Each tree planted can breathe in about 730 kg CO2 emissions over its lifetime. We have calculated that any single event on average will use between 200Kg and 400Kg of CO2, so to replace it we plant trees.

The Carbon Footprint scheme is endorsed by Bill Oddie, the TV's Wildlife Celebrity.

Taxi Anyone?
Making tracks with Bio Fuels

Bio Fuels are paving the way for the future in transportation. In keeping with Progressive Resources move to become environmentally friendly, we have updated our Taxi Treasure Hunt so that it uses vehicles based on Bio Fuel Taxis.

Bio Fuels are designed to produce less Carbon Dioxide than normal fuel and therefore are less damaging to the environment. Click on the image to read more about our Bio Fuel Friendly Treasure Hunts.

'Scott of the Arctic'
Catch up on the Polar Challenge 2007
Scott Ford

Progressive Resources is pleased to continue their sponsorship of Scott Ford in the 2007 Polar Challenge. This event takes place from mid April to mid May.

This event is a race of some 350 miles across the Arctic to the 1996 location of the Magnetic North Pole. The Polar Challenge is raising money for The Outward Bound Trust as part of the venture.

Together with two colleagues, Scott will race against other teams in temperatures as low as minus 50C. The team race on skis, pulling loads of 120 lbs. Now that’s what we call team building!

What a way to spend Easter! Good luck Scott! We will let you know how Scott gets on in the next newsletter.

If you would like to follow the progress of Scott and his team during the actual event then log onto our web site nearer the time where we hope to carry the latest news.

Thousands Go Mad all over the Country!
A thousand Go Mad events in ten years.
Go mad in the country

Literally thousands of people have gone mad with us! We have had people Go Mad in London, Go Mad in the New Forest, Go Mad in the Country

The popularity of this event is, we feel, due to the unique combination of a Murder Mystery with a Treasure Hunt. People can take part on foot, on bicycle or they can include exciting water based Rib Tec events and land based motorised events incorporating the latest Mini Coopers.

They get to interact with various characters they meet along the way and to share their experiences over dinner or afternoon tea when all is revealed.

It is a great opportunity for social teambuilding and also a chance to recognise that any one of your team may be the best leader under different circumstances.

Young athletic male with GSOH - into teambuilding .....
Staff Profile - Need we say more!?

My Name is ,

I am 24 years old and I work for Progressive Resources as an Event Consultant.

When not at work I enjoy surfing, skiing, rugby and basically being out doors.

Chris is just one of our friendly consultants that you can speak to when you make an enquiry with us.

Corporate Executive abducted during Event
No reward for information ...

A top corporate executive went missing recently during one of our treasure hunts relating to crop circles.

It is unclear where the abductors are from or what they intend to do with the individual, who shall remain nameless.

Footage of the abduction was recorded on a mobile phone by one of his colleagues present at the time.

His colleagues said “He never could grasp the basics of working with colleagues. We want to thank whoever it was for expediting his removal from the team”.

Progressive Resources commented that it probably reflects the power of mind over matter - what the team wants badly enough they usually get!

They also commented that there was some evidence to suggest that this is actually just a joke and not to be taken too seriously. They said that it seems to have connections with the month of April.

If you know anything about the whereabouts of this individual his colleagues do not wish to know.

Forest Hotels lead the way.
Come on public transport - see it's easy ....
Rhinefield House

Leading New Forest Venues are taking steps to help the local environment.

A number of our New Forest team building venues, including Chewton Glen, Rhinefield House and Careys Manor are setting an environmental precedent.

In return for visitors leaving their cars at home during February they offered a variety of incentives. These included various benefits such as half price room rates, two for the price of one dinners and free transport to and from railway stations.

They offered these concessions as a way of reducing carbon emissions and the negative footprint on the national forest. If successful the scheme may well be extended throughout the year.

Great Eggspectations
10% Off Our New Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Re-live the childhood magic of Easter married with our famous interactive adventure trail by taking part in our Easter Special Treasure Hunt

This lively experience takes you on an experiential journey around any one of our venues across the UK.

The adventure carries the theme but not the cliché tackiness of Easter egg trails. This is an adventure trail themed with real chocolate!

Divided into equal teams, groups must use a multitude of clues, riddles and conundrums to find a series of locations in and around the selected venue.

At each location will be a task. A task that will challenge the entire team ....

All that remains is for us all to wish you a Happy Easter!!

Kind Regards,

The Team
Progressive Resources Limited

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