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Egg Toss Icebreaker Team Building

Eggcellent and Energising Icebreaker

You’re tasked to create a clever contraption to propel an egg as far as possible. You are issued with equipment that includes everything you need to construct a trebuchet or catapult, but you’ll have to think creatively to fling your missile the furthest!

Everyone is given thirty minutes to design and construct their egg tossing contraption. These mighty machines are then lined up for the competition. Teams take turns to open fire, unleashing their eggs, while our eggspert adjudicators measure the distances.

The team whose machine combines power and accuracy to fling eggs the greatest distance in a straight line wins. Brute power is no use if the egg is flung back at the audience!

The winning team receives medals and admiration from the rest of the group. The losers... well they’re just rotten eggs.

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Egg Toss icebreaker

This light hearted icebreaker activity is surprisingly effective for getting your delegates’ brains working and groups bonding together… We find the competition becomes fierce just as with our Rocket Launch event; teams really want to send their eggs the furthest!

This team building icebreaker lasts up to an hour, after which we guarantee your group will have had any cobwebs blown away, be revved up for the conference and certainly won’t be ‘chickening out’ of meetings ahead…

Egg Toss is run in the outside space at the venue of your choice and don’t worry about making a mess, we use bouncy, rubber eggs. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today! 

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The egg toss was a huge success too and a great surprise – my team was rubbish!!