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Team Cohesion, Broad Appeal, Great Fun, Unique Experience

FunkY Junk Icebreaker

Results from Rubbish, Panache from Trash, Funk from....Junk!

One of our fantastic, fun icebreakers based on our ever popular Funky Junk event; it is ideal to enthuse and motivate everybody before the start of a meeting or conference.

With random piles of strange household and garden junk, you create a show fit for the West End. Watch, learn and listen as we create a junk-percussion orchestra from everyone around you. This whirlwind session is all about group belief, input, success and fun.

You will never look at your work colleagues in the same way after seeing them beat a step ladder, bongo an industrial bin or perhaps even strum a shopping trolley!

Complete with team choreography and volunteer soloists, your group will create a rip-roaring show of team bonding which is also one of our best fun icebreakers.

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Funky Junk Fun Icebreaker

Event Format

We come to a venue of your choice, bringing a whole host of (clean!) junk for you to whack, strum, smack and drum on. Everyone gets an item from dustbins to watering cans, brooms to ladders. Your group is arranged in percussion sections and shown how to get the best and most varied sounds from your junk.

A Funky Fun Icebreaker

With multiple rhythm sections all working together, we expand your performance with many exciting musical sections to constantly push your group past their performance expectations.

Led by our expert Rhythm Directors, you won’t believe how quickly this all comes together into an orchestral ensemble of junk. Funky Junk enlightens teams to just what is possible with the bare essentials; trust, teamwork and group determination. This fast paced and fun icebreaker comes with costume props for the finishing touch and is perfect as part of a conference or before one of our evening events.

Depending on the size of your group, the bigger the better for a truly mighty sound, Funky Junk requires a large room.

For more than 25 years we’ve run corporate events at hundreds of venues across the UK. Let us help you find a venue suitable for our Funky Junk event. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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The team building was a great success across the board – everyone really enjoyed the various activities which were run very professionally and the facilitators were fantastic.

Daiichi Sankyo