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Team Cohesion, Communication, Link to Business, Objectives, Creativity

Together We Can Team Building Event

Co-operative Team Building

Our Together We Can event embodies the true ethos of team building; each team contributes to a common goal and must communicate effectively in order to achieve success. The brilliance of this event - it is pure teambuilding theory made fun!

The event promotes co-operation through a variety of non-competitive team building activities. Each team contributes to one large task, communicating their work to the next team in a briefing at the start/end of each challenge.

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The Event Format

Teams rotate around the four challenge zones, spending up to an hour at each zone, adding their contribution to each task. When the time is up they must spend 5 minutes explaining their work and handing over to the next team.

Team Challenge 1 – Canvas Art

Each team is presented with a giant canvas and acrylic paints. The team must then work together to create a section of the overall design.

Team Challenge 2 - Rollercoaster Challenge

Next, construct a working rollercoaster which carries a ball for over 30 seconds under its own momentum. Build a section of the design, including quirky engineering, which forms part of the overall contraption.

Team Challenge 3 - Commercial Break

Each team films a section of a movie. The following team will watch the last 10 seconds and follow on in sequence. Continuity is vital so actor positioning and fancy dress must be matched between teams.

Team Challenge 4 - Think Outside The Blox

We give you literally thousands of LEGO bricks and free reign to build whatever you like. Some teams choose their company logo, others something more abstract. The end result is LEGO, but on a massive scale. 

For the finale, the teams come together for a grand unveiling. They will see their completed Da Vinci's Masterpiece, watch as the ball rolls perfectly down the Rollercoaster, laugh at the brilliance of their video and enjoy the completed LEGO Sculpture. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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What Our Customers Have Said..

We all had a brilliant time and have lots of memorable moments to look back on. Everyone got involved, even in the movie task which some were nervous about… But it turned out to probably be the best task.

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