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Boombastic Icebreaker Activities

Team Building, Bonding and Booming

This electrifying energiser is one of our brilliant conference or meeting icebreaker activities where, armed with a 'Boomwhacker', your group is transformed into a Boombastic orchestra.

But "What are 'Boomwhackers'?" we hear you say...Well, they’re hollow, plastic tubes of different lengths and colours which, when struck by hand or by another tube, create a musical note.

These simple plastic musical tubes can change any conference or meeting into a sea of sound and colour with everyone working together in perfect harmony. Our exuberant facilitator will get your whole group grinning and bring out everyone’s musical flare.

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Boombastic Icebreakers

Event Format

Your group will be led to believe they’re about to have a particularly dull lecture on the driest possible topic before our ‘lecturer’ reveals they are in fact a ‘Rhythm Master’ and unleashes the Boomwhackers!

Everyone grabs a different colour Boomwhacker and the Rhythm Master explains how the colour coding corresponds to different notes. Each colour group is taught different, simple beats and rhythms which are layered on top of each other to create a brilliant sound.

Once everyone is playing, listening and reacting perfectly together, we enhance the music further with our interactive intro and finale sections. The end result is a thoroughly memorable performance that will have everyone on their feet and totally energised!

It’s a great icebreaker for a meeting or conference, waking up and enthusing your group. Alternatively, this activity can work as a brilliantly energetic interlude between one of our indoor or outdoor events and an evening event. This is without doubt, the most cost effective musical experience imaginable and will leave the room buzzing with excitement. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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