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Treasure Hunt Ice Breakers

1 hr Treasure Hunt Team Building Ice Breakers

This energising ice breaker will have your group split into teams and hunting for clues in and around your conference venue. Using our iPads loaded with cunning Treasure Hunt software you’ll be led on an exciting and interactive team building ice breaker quest.

This awesome map-based software is GPS linked and shows the locations of a number of ‘hot-spots’. Only when you reach these ‘hot-spots’ will the software unlock the challenges. So gone are the days of Treasure Hunt teams Googling the answers from the hotel bar…

Complete the challenges for points which are uploaded instantly to the live scoreboard which everyone can see... This feature really ramps up the competition as teams race around to increase their scores and keep ahead!

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The map shows your location in real time so there’s no tricky, old-fashioned map reading; but it also shows the locations of all the other teams too… This, along with the live scoreboard, makes our Treasure Hunts supremely fun and very competitive! 

There are more ‘hot-spots’ than it’s possible to reach in an hour, even if you’re a team of long distance runners! If teams want to win the medals, then they need to plan their route carefully to go past as many locations as possible.

We write all of our Ice Breaker Treasure Hunts bespoke to your venue location, every one is unique… ‘Hot-spots’ will unlock a variety of location specific questions and photo challenges – can you fit everyone into a telephone box and get a snap…?

A 1hr Treasure Hunt is a brilliant way to start a conference, exercising your delegates’ heads and legs outdoors. The light-hearted competition gets everyone in the mind-set for the meetings ahead. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!  

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I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Sol and his team for an amazing team building experience. They were so friendly and professional – a really lovely group of people. It was an absolute pleasure working with them.