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Clappity-Clap Icebreaker Events

Happy-Clapping-Energising Icebreakers!

Our Clappity Clap! icebreaker events, create a huge blast of colour, fun and energy. Our expert facilitator leads your group on a rhythm adventure that quickly becomes a hilarious challenge…

Using our patented, colour-coded Clappity Clap! gloves (Marigolds) you’ll be designated into rhythm sections depending on which coloured gloves you happen to receive!

These separate coloured ‘clapping departments’ create one united percussion orchestra. Our expert facilitator and ‘rhythm master’ will lead you on a musical journey of collaboration in which you’ll be amazed at the team building effectiveness of some rubber gloves…

Results appear in seconds as confidence and musical articulation grows. Our rhythm master takes you from tentative first claps to complex clapping crescendos. Simple beats are taught to each clapping department which are then layered together under his orchestration. The end result is a sea of colour, sound and energy!

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Clapping Icebreakers

Clappity Clap! is designed to fit effortlessly into any program and change the atmosphere of the room in seconds. As this icebreaker event crosses cultural, language and hierarchical boundaries it is perfect for multi-national businesses...

Using nothing but human potential and coloured ‘rubber gloves’, this energiser is a potent example of what is possible with nothing more than the right intention. And as a finale, a round of applause!

Clappity Clap! works brilliantly as the icebreaker event before a morning of meetings, followed by one of our fantastic afternoon events. We’re able to come to any location across the UK and Europe to get you ‘clapping happy’… call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today! 

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