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Perfect Harmony Icebreakers

Spectacular Group Icebreaker and Energiser!

A fantastic Icebreaker for a large group, this energiser will have your group singing in Perfect Harmony…

No matter how woeful you think that your singing voice might be or how out of practice you are, our expert vocalist facilitators will have your delegation filling the conference venue with euphoric music.

We are expert at involving everybody in our group icebreakers – especially the reluctant, and as the sea of voices builds, even the tone deaf will be able to play their part under our creative and amusing instruction. There are no soloists unless they volunteer!

Within minutes everyone is relaxed and thoroughly enjoying themselves, they’ll be working as a team in perfect harmony! The power of singing is palpable, the intense high of being part of a huge choir singing Hey Jude or Bohemian Rhapsody has to be felt to be believed…

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Perfect harmony Icebreakers  














You’ll be amazed as shy colleagues show off their hidden vocal talents and tentative first-time singers bellow out lyrics to favourite tunes. By the end of the short session your group will be completely energised with a sense of group achievement and bonding, raring for the rest of the day.

As one of our large group icebreakers, this event runs for just over an hour; there are options to extend including a pop-up recording studio, full instrumental band and your own home-grown lyrics, discuss your preferences with our icebreakers event team.

Why not round off your conference with some Chocolate Making or Cocktail Making? A great way to relax and reward those vocal chords after a great energiser and long day of meetings! call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive your group icebreaker proposal today!

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