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Problem Solving, Team Cohesion, Communication, Motivate, Leadership


Icebreakers are essentially short activities designed to break down barriers and get everyone working together as a team before an event. Icebreakers are energising, fun and high tempo.

Conference Icebreakers

It's possible to devise and run conference icebreakers yourself, but there are many reasons why using a professional company for your conference is a good idea. It not only takes the pressure off the conference organiser and presenter but it also gives a professional feel to the event. Some people who dislike icebreakers have had a previous experience with pointless, irrelevant or badly designed icebreakers.

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In this challenge teams are tasked with transporting initially one and then a series of balls around a circuit within the conference room by designing and building a Rollercoaster.

A solid plan and excellent communication are required to ensure the ball / balls have continuous motion along the completed track. Participants need to maintain their link in the chain to ensure the balls don't drop!

Outcome - The event demonstrates the power of cohesive teamwork, communication and provides an up tempo cause for celebration which energises and motivates.

The Haka

The traditional war dance of the Māori people can be brought to your event by real New Zealanders. They demonstrate the Haka challange to you, which is loud and really energetic and then your teams can give it a go themselves. There is no better way to blow the night's cobwebs away and you will start your conference really on fire! It's simply unforgettable - if you want your event discussed for a long time afterwards this is the icebreaker for you.

Boom Whackers:-

Individuals use a selection of musical tubes called Boombastic. Each Boom Whacker, when played (as simple as tapping against your hand), makes a different tone. At the start, the sound appears to be just noise. After 5 minutes, guided by our rhythm master, participants are united in melody.

Outcome - This event promotes group interaction, is fun and surprising and shows the power of teamwork.

We have lots of icebreakers to suit a wide range of objectives and outcomes.

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