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Spring is here!


By the time you are reading this, Spring will definitely have sprung!

Spring 2022 began on March 20th. This date marks the spring or vernal equinox and the astronomical first day of Spring around the Northern Hemisphere.

For those language buffs….what does Vernal Equinox mean?? ( You cannot say that reading our blogs does not increase your all round knowledge!).

Vernal translates to “fresh” or “new” and equinox from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night).

So what does all of this actually mean for us all?

Essentially, our U.K. hours of daylight, the period of time each day between sunrise and sundown, have been growing slightly longer each day since the Winter Solstice in December ( 21st).

Added to this we have the start of BST starting on 27th March at 1 am. Unfortunately we will all lose an hour in bed ( Spring forward, fall back is a simple way to remember which way to alter your clocks). The next few months we will all be able to make more use of our earlier and later daylight hours.

Two great arguments for continuing with BST is that the longer evenings help support leisure and tourism and also it encourages us all to exercise more outdoors.

So…..The TeamBuilding Company are here to help you and your team to make full use of the next few months of more daylight hours. Please do contact us. We have a fabulous range of TeamBuilding events for you to try.

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