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Team Cohesion, Varied Challenges, Leadership, Problem Solving

Spy School Team Building Event

Welcome to Spy School

You arrive at our top secret mobile spy training camp, which can be located at any suitable venue across the UK. You are greeted by our Director of Training who explains that in preparation for an international crisis, MI6 is recruiting operatives to act as ‘sleeper’ agents.

Teams from your organisation may be selected to undergo an intense one-day course, training you in the clandestine arts of the intelligence services. There are a wide variety of spy themed activities to select from, many of which include various forms of marksmanship and specialist driving challenges.

Please contact ‘Q Branch’ on 0800 975 0728 to discuss the most suitable training for the recruits you may have identified within your organisation.

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TB SpySchool

Event Format

Re-imagining one of our venues as the country-residence HQ of MI6, you will meet and be briefed by The Director of Training. Once your group has been split into teams you will rotate around the various spy-themed team activities. All challenges are scored; the team with most points will graduate as spies with full 00 status.

The core Spy School activities are challenges of skill and teamwork. We also offer some more unusual activities if desired, such as stage fighting or hand to hand combat. Talk to ‘Q Branch’ to discuss your operational budget.

We have designed this day to be great fun for all participants. The emphasis is on participation in a mixture of both individual and team challenges all taking place outdoors.

Over 25+ years we have hosted events at hundreds of venues across the UK. For a recommendation please talk to one of our staff. Alternatively, if you have a venue in mind we can discuss the suitability – we need a large outdoor space to run all of these activities.

Once trained, you will return to your day job and await the call into His Majesty’s Service…

We know that the weather can play a big factor in deciding on what to do for your team day out, don't worry, we have you covered come rain or shine!

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Thank you so much for your assistance with arranging the ‘Spy School’ event that our CEO, CFO and Partners attended yesterday.  All of them have come over to my desk this morning with glowing feedback!

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