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Broad Appeal, Team Cohesion, Communication, Leadership

Indoor Crystal Challenge Team Building

Team Challenges to Test the Mind

Paying tribute to the famous TV show ‘Crystal Maze’, the Crystal Challenge event pitches your group into an exciting and unique team building experience with ingenious cerebral and spatial challenges.

Just like on TV, the successful completion of each task is rewarded with crystals that will be tallied at the end to find the winning team. This event combines competition and teamwork in an enthralling set of team building challenges.

Usually outdoors, we have adapted this most popular of events to move inside. Perfect for winter teambuilding, we will run this day from your offices, a hotel or conference centre. We have an awesome suite of custom built kit developed and perfected over the last 25 years.

The day can be used to reflect any number of relevant key values including communication, trust, leadership and planning. The Indoor Crystal Challenge is one of our less physically demanding events, exercising the mind rather than the muscles. More than anything though, the activities are great fun!

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The Event Format

Our Event Manager will brief you on the format of the event before splitting the group into teams of about eight people.

After approximately 20-25 minutes, the whistle goes and teams rotate around to the next challenge.  Friendly competition becomes very enthusiastic as teams maximise their performance for more crystals!

This event is great for those who’d like a teambuilding experience which is not only fun, but also relevant to business. The activities in the Indoor Crystal Challenge are easily relatable to the office. The characteristics of leadership, lateral-thinking, planning, and team work that they are designed to foster, are all great business assets.

The Indoor Crystal Challenge needs a venue with a reasonably large indoor space, your offices may work well, or you might prefer a hotel – have a chat with our friendly staff who can discuss suitability or suggest a venue near you. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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