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Team Cohesion, Broad Appeal, Communication, Flexible Benefits

Crystal Challenge Team Building Event

A variety of Physical and Mental team challenges

Our Crystal Challenge team building event is designed to challenge your teams’ abilities to think quickly outside the box on a selection of purpose built team activities.

Taking inspiration from the Crystal Maze TV show, we have designed these unique, fun and engaging team puzzles which require your team to work together effectively in order to complete each one, winning crystals based on their performance.

The nature of these activities requires team members to draw upon their communication skills, leadership qualities and problem solving abilities which, in turn, will lead to improved performance.

This event is perfect for customers wanting an activity day without anything too physically demanding; the tasks are designed to exercise the mind more than the muscles, with a variety of brain teasers, puzzles and challenges.

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Team Building with The Crystal Challenge

The flexibility of this event means that it can be set up at almost any venue, across the UK, which has the available outdoor space. We have worked with a wide selection of first class hotels all around the country for over 25 years. Please talk us for our recommendations.

Following a briefing from the Event Manager, you will be split into teams before heading out to the activity field. You will be wowed by our top quality activity equipment and experienced instructors who will guide you through each activity. It will then be down to you and your team to conquer each challenge and collect as many crystals as possible, granting extra time in the inflatable dome finale!

This event draws upon many team building ideas to ensure that it’s as productive and beneficial as it is interesting and fun! Real parallels can be drawn from the challenges on the day and those in the office.

Years of experience have taught us that the best possible team building day is one which everybody enjoys. All of our challenges are interesting and unusual as well as fun. It soon become clear that the group will only succeed if they work together utilising everybody’s different strengths.

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What Our Customers Have Said..

The exercises were really fun, well produced, and enjoyed by all team members, and definitely helped in promoting effective communication and teamwork, which was the main objective of our session.

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