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Teamwork in London Fashion Week


Da Vinci team dance

We hope you are all catwalk ready for this year’s London Fashion Week Festival (20th – 23rd September 2018)! There will be over 150 designer pop-ups, catwalk shows, panel talks from industry experts and so much more!  





How does London Fashion Week relate to teambuilding?

Anyone in the events industry will know the work behind organising any event, from event staff to catering to lights and sound. However if we look deeper into the fashion industry… how many more team players create the finished product?CatWalk Caper stuffing

Holly Shackleton (2013) wrote an article looking at who is involved in creating fashion stories and bringing a catwalk show to life, she notes that “amongst the models, stylists, hairdressers, nail technicians, set designers and assistants” that the busy fashion industry brings “people in from all walks of life, pooling together their talents and resources” to bring together a shared creative goal.

Shackleton (2013) went on to quote statements from the Fashion industry on teamwork…

“Team work is about having a vision but letting it develop collectively through your team” – Mary Katrantzou, Designer

“Teamwork is all about listening, recognising other people’s strengths and good ideas but also not being afraid to take the lead and responsibility when you have to” – Daniel Marks, Store Director

“When a team feels and is inspired by the creator and passionately work together to enhance every aspect of the vision” – Marios Schwab, Designer

“A great team is when everyone feels immersed in the energy and understanding of the work and goal, and through that synergy of hard graft, dedication, determination and loyalty, the best and most satisfying results are accomplished…” – Pam Hogg, Designer

“You can’t have a successful show or shoot without teamwork. All the components work together and BAM!” – Cozette McCreery, Designer

Do you think you have what it takes to become the ultimate fashion designer and create cutting edge clothing, fit for the London Fashion Week?! Give it a go on our Catwalk Capers activity on the Generation Game.

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London Fashion Week!

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