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Transition out of lockdown


The Covid 19 outbreak has been an incredibly challenging time for all types of workplaces. Lockdown has affected us all in different ways. As we transition out of lockdown there is a lot to think about both at home and at work. It is only normal to feel uncertain about what the future holds. Everyone’s situation is unique. The University of London has formulated some general principles that will give us all the best chance of staying mentally and physically healthy over the coming summer months.

Talk and connect

It is so important to keep in touch with colleagues. You don’t have to talk about work but a quick regular check-in will help you feel connected.

Plan and prepare

Think about your job and your situation. Does anything need to change to help you do your job well? What provisions have been made to create a safe work environment?

Take things one step at a time

The way we all work is likely to keep changing in the coming weeks so we will need to keep adjusting. Don’t expect everything to quickly return to normal, whatever normal is for you and your work colleagues.

Monitor and review how you are getting on

Have regular check-ins with yourself and your team ( How are we working? Is there anything we could do differently to work better together?) The Team Building Company know that businesses and workers are looking for practical tips on how to get back to work safely and to rekindle those soft team building skills. We are able to offer outdoor events where each team member is able to enjoy being out in the fresh air, reconnecting with each other, working together in a non- threatening way, working together towards a common goal and having FUN in a socially distanced and Covid safe environment. We are able to offer a range of outdoor challenges, both for the physical and mental health of all participants.

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